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BIA analysis instruments

Human IM Plus II
Handy 3000

The BIA in depth
BIA analysis instruments

Body composition and body impedance

The BIA method ( BioImpedance Analysis), either single frequency or multifrequency (MFBIA), is today commonly used for the estimation of body composition parameters like Total Body water, intra cellular water, extra cellular water and fat free mass.

The method is non invasive; a weak alternate electrical current ( RMS value is under 800 microamperes, far below the human sensitivity treshold) is applied to the body by means of two adhesive electrodes. The voltages induced in the body by the current flow are detected by means of probe electrodes.

The relationship between injected current and detected voltages gives the electrical impedance of the tissues involved.

By integrating the impedance values with other patient parameters (i.e: height, weight, sex and age) and by applying specific formulas the body composition parameters can be estimated.

Astel is currently involved in the design and development of electronic systems for BIA measurement as a partner of DSMEDICA srl, leader in Europe in clinical nutrition. The BIA analysis instrument Human IM PLUS II is today in full production; Handy 3000 will be available starting from june 2005.

For a complete discussion on BIA method and its validation please refer to DSMEDICA website www.dsmedica.info.

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