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Stepper drivers
Stepper motors
Microstepper modules
Full system
DC drivers
Linear axes

Sport & Racing

Home & Building

A wide range of motors, drivers and controllers for industrial automation: from the smallest size components to high performances complete systems.

ASTEL is committed in developing new products in partnership with the customers. We can also supply complete "turnkey" solutions with control software, wiring and installation.


A complete range of user friendly and programmable controllers, avalaible in many sizes: from the smallest one with few I/O ports and a simple interface, to the most complete one with analog, digital, audio and audio capabilities and an impressive LCD touch screen.

All devices are avalaible in "open" version with built-in language interpreter or customized to meet the specified application.

 Home and building Automation - Domotica

A very wide range of devices for any need:

  • Remote control through Internet, GSM, wireless
  • Multimedia systems for videoconferences halls and for home theatre
  • Infrared, ultrasonic and RF transceivers devices and software.
  • Access controls with smartcards and electronics keys.
  • Remote surveillance and alarm validation with video and audio capture.
  • Video titlers.
  • Data acquisition and logging systems for agriculture and enviromental applications.
  • Electric load and supply monitoring devices.

 Sport and Racing

A new series of devices and systems for professional sport and races means.

  • RPM limiters and controllers
  • Shift lights
  • Car, byke, kart electronic sport systems
  • Race tyres temperature controller (tyre warmer)
  • REV limiters

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