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Proteus Simple Frame
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Proteus Simple Frame

Automatic frame irradiation tool for UV dicing tape.

Proteus Frame is a tool to irradiate dicing frames with UV tape after the dicing process.

The use of UV tape is very convenient if chip dimensions are either very small or very large.

In such cases there can be advantages in dicing or during detaching from tape.

The use of UV tape requires the introduction of an irradiation process after dicing. This process, at present, is made by manual tools or with expensive automated in line machines.

Proteus Simple Frame is a simple, semi-.automated table top tool to perform UV irradiation for labs and small productions.

Proteus Simple Frame is microprocessor controlled and features an automated movement to load and unload a single frame into the irradiation chamber, thus avoiding potentially dangerous handling operations and assuring the best lamp life cycle. More, the low frequency UV lamp system (360 nm wavelenght), allows to obtain the same (or better) results than conventional UV C lamps, without some problems that conventional lamps have, and in particular low pressure high wavelenght lamps are not dangerous and does not produce ozone, not requiring then special protections and exaust.

Control interface is extremely simple and user friendly, not requiring any special training for operators.


Table top machine

Semi-automatic frame loading

Microprocessor controlled

Low frequency UV lamp (360 nm) with high frequency electronic ballast

Dimensions: 600 x 550 x 150 mm (version for 6" wafer frame)

Lamp lifetime: more than 2000 hrs to reach a 50% efficiency

Facilities: 220 Vac, 0,5 Kw





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